Payment Methods

Cash App Is Now An Available Payment Method!

We are proud to announce that we now accept CASH APP! In order to activate service, the process is simple. First, go to your iOS or Google app store and download the app called “CASH APP”. It’s the one with the big green money sign.

The Subscription Process Made Simple

To begin the process, please setup your app, attach your debit card to it, then send your preferred subscription fee to the following CASH TAG: $mywifitv

Once this is done, please jump on chat right away to confirm the payment sent. Please be patient! Sometimes our chat rooms are slammed and we’d appreciate the opportunity for us to be of service to you.

Cross Compatible

Cash app for Android & iOS. We make it EASY to replenish!

Available Globally

Cash App is available in most countries, ask your reseller if not.

Worldwide Coverage

Submit your payment now on CASH APP and enjoy worldwide Live TV fast.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We know you’ll love our service or we’ll send your CASH APP payment right back. Period.

Setup Your CASH APP Now And Submit Payment.

Start Now And Enjoy The Next Generation of Live TV

Easy to sign up. Download your CASH APP now on your device, shoot your subscription payment over to $mywifitv, then please check in via our HELP DESK at the top of this page so we can get you going right away.

6,000+ channels

Our systems are always growing and evolving. Our last update pushed our channel lineup to over 6,000 channels, and as you use it you will always see the app changing and evolving. All the latest and greatest is in there!