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MyWiFi TV Now Available for KODI

MyWiFi TV is proud to announce we now offer KODI IPTV.

Run KODI on various operating systems

Get the perfect media center for all your entertainment needs!

Get MyWiFi TV on KODI

With over 7 years in the business, our media server connections are stable and secure. Our multiple redundant servers around the world ensure a world class viewing media delivery experience with industry leading uptime. Control your media delivery experience with My Wifi TV today!

For Kodi 17.0+

The latest Live TV solution for those wanting to buy a quality Kodi addon has finally arrived. Finally a world class media delivery experience has arrived on Kodi!

Design Your Playlist

Over 5,100 channels available world wide. Whether you just want to display USA channels or you want to add Romania, let us know. Connect your way!

Expert Support

Our expert team is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, to solve any installation problems you may have. We enjoy Live TV as much as you and want to get you going!

Get MyWiFi TV for KODI

MyWiFi TV offers premium IPTV service for KODI. Pay only $19.99 per moth, and enjoy all your favorite programming right on the KODI platform.

Looking for a solid Kodi paid IPTV subscription?

If you currently to buy a competing service like Gears TV, then we challenge you to make the comparison. While most Live TV apps are far from perfect, customers are raving about our support and channel selections.

In a side by side comparison with 10 of the top Live TV apps available, My Wifi TV came in the top 3 consistently for things like delivery, customer service, channel selection, and more.

Click The Button Below To View Our Partial Channel List. All Other Countries Available Upon Demand!

Minimum Downtime, No Downed Servers, Just Stable, Reliable IPTV Service

Over 5,100 Channels Available in SD, HD, and 1080p

We understand that every person who distributes media to their their home or mobile devices has a different agenda. While many companies often deploy a “one size fits all” approach, we take the other route. By default, our system includes all of the connections most people require.

However, one key feature that sets us apart is the ability for our users to add or delete categories. Don’t need Danish channels? Let us know and we will get rid of it. Want only UK, CA, and USA programming? Got you covered. Sports only? Check.

Also Compatible with your iOS, Android Set Top Box, Perfect Player, Android Phones, VLC, and other devices.

Wherever you are, whatever device you use, chances are our application is compatible with that device. No IP restrictions here! Need access at home, work, and mobile – no problem.

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Get MyWiFi TV for KODI

MyWiFi TV offers premium IPTV service for KODI. Pay only $19.99 per month, and enjoy all your favorite programming right on the KODI platform.


Satisfaction guaranteed, cancel any time. — We are so confident with the high quality of our media delivery and distribution application, we are offering a Test Drive for only $19.99 for a full 30 days. We are confident that you will love our app and will continue to use for your entertainment needs.

If at any time, for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied with our application simply let us know and we will cancel it out right away, no questions asked. We hope that doesn’t happen, of course! Before you cancel, just let us know how we can make it better for next time and maybe win back your order in the future.