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Bring your company's products and services

directly to where they work, play, and do business. Cell phones, tablets, Apple products, and PC’s supported!

Live TV Advertising For a Fraction of The Cost

MyWiFi TV offers a unique digital business platform that allows small to medium size business owners the ability to cash in on the “cut the cord” craze. Our clients enjoy the ability to broadcast licensed content and display their media messages directly along side their customer’s favorite TV content. Whether your clients love CNN or Sports or Movies, align your company with some of the biggest brands in television. Call today for a free demo of our system!

Live TV Ads

Avoid the super high price of Live TV advertising. Forget the production and per spot costs associated with Live TV and advertising on our network for pennies on the dollar.

Major TV Brands

All major over-the-air TV brands are represented such as Fox, NBC, ABC, ESPN, NBA, and More. Deliver your targeted message users most interested in their content.

Expert Support

Our expert team is available 9am-5pm EST, Monday – Friday, to help with any content development and delivery issues. Client satisfaction is our #1 priority, in fact we guarantee it.

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Cutting The Cord

More and more of your customers are cutting the cord and spending more time then ever on their mobile devices. Don’t get left in the dust as more people avoid TV all together and go directly to their mobile devices.

Now, with a simple client application and an app on your computer, you can create your own “TV channel” and install that channel right between your customer’s favorite channels, thus ensuring they will always see your stuff.

Apps Compatible For All Your Customer's Devices

Our apps works seamlessly across your customers’ mobile devices – be it your tablets, smart phone, Android TV based television set, or iOS products. Simply deploy our user-friendly app on any of their device and watch how easy it is to broadcast that content right to their sreens.