This review of PlayStation Vue Streaming Service is meant to acquaint the reader with all the important information about the service including price, features etc. PlayStation Vue can be recommended for just about anybody looking to ditch their cable provider, but especially for those already signed up for the PlayStation Network or PlayStation Plus.

Sling TV Packages and price

Plans Price Channels
Access $39.99/mo. 43+ channels
Core $44.99/mo. 55+ channels
Elite $54.99/mo. 78+ channels
Ultra $74.99/mo. 90+ channels
PlayStation Vue has plans priced similar to traditional cable. There are plenty of add-ons as well and since your contract is month to month, you won’t worry about big scary termination fees if you want to try a different service. Overall, it seems like a good deal. Moreover, If you’re a member of PlayStation’s PS Plus, you will receive a discount on the following add-ons: Showtime, HBO/Cinemax bundle, Epix Hits/Showtime bundle, and Fox Soccer Plus.

What channels are available on PlayStation Vue ?

Popular channels like AMC, FX, ESPN, ESPN2, Cartoon Network/Adult Swim, Fox News, CNN, and HGTV are there. with the highest–tier package having 89+ channels.

PlayStation Vue viewing experience

Playback is pretty simple and intuitive. Also, the interface is better than most cable and streaming services.Caption services also look pretty decent. PlayStation Vue is the only streaming live TV service that works on PlayStation Consoles but works for most devices.

Sign-up is pretty easy .You will need an account on the PlayStation Network (PSN) tied to a credit card and a residential address.

While viewing it displays a show’s progress with a red and white bar so we know at what point we’re tuning in. Plus there is an option for favorite Channels and Favorite Shows. Another good section is the Sports section.

On the PS Vue’s watching window top right corner you’ll see

  •  “ON DEMAND,” meaning you can access it whenever
  • The channel logo which you can click to see what else is on the network.
  • Either a check mark or a plus sign, meaning that you’ve added or can add a show to your favorites.

The standard playback controls are also there. Play/pause, rewind, fast-forward, back to beginning, volume, HD and closed captioning, browse mode , and full screen. Moreover, the rewind and fast-forward features work in increments, so every time you click the button it adds another 10 seconds.

Since it is live TV, you won’t be able to skip commercials unless you’re watching an on-demand program.

When it comes to captions,  there is a wide variety of Closed Caption settings from PS Vue thus making it suitable for people having hearing disabilities.

PlayStation Vue DVR

PlayStation Vue’s DVR system is free, you just need to add a program to “My Shows” for it to automatically record. It will store for a month, and there’s no limit to the number of recordings. If you don’t record the show and it’s not on demand, you can jump around any part of the program that has aired since you selected it, but not earlier.

Compatible Devices

  • PlayStation 3
  • PlayStation 4
  • Roku streaming devices (7.1 and up)
  • Apple TV (4th gen OS 10.0 and up)
  • Amazon Fire TV (all)
  • Android TV (Android OS 4.4 and up)
  • iOS devices: iPad Mini, iPad 2 and on running iOS 7.0 or iOS 8.0, iPhone 5 or later, iPod Touch 4 or later
  • Amazon: Fire HD6 tablets and above
  • Android: Phones and tablets running Android OS version 4.4 or higher
  • Google Chromecast


With PlayStation VueYou’ll get high channel counts,  and a flexibility to add or remove premiums month-to-month. Also it works on pretty much all of your devices. DVR is  free too.  Big names like AMC, Cartoon Network, CNN, Discovery Channel, Food Network, Fox News, are available although some major networks are absent. The information is all before you to make the choice.