The advantages of internet based entertainment services are numerous. In the digital entertainment world, IPTV has become a household name because of the flexibility that it provides to the users in terms of location and choice. You can watch your favorite sports or TV show on the move and when ever you like. In this environment, IPTV reselling, or selling the IPTV service which you have already purchased, is one of the hottest businesses to do given the burgeoning popularity and acceptability of IPTV.

IPTV reselling has certain inherent benefits like Low investment requirement, one can have little to no technical know-how, one can use existing IPTV infrastructure and content, one can easily and almost infinitely scale up if the service takes off and one can set one’s own profit margins . You can read more about these benefits in detail here.

So let’s come back to the basic question, how to become an IPTV reseller and what are the points one must consider before getting into this business.

Selecting your business entity

Since you are starting your company, it is advisable to register your business as a legal entity. Read about how to register a business in the US here. You can register it as a DBA or as a partnership, corporation or LLC. There are several important steps before launching your business like securing all of the requisite permits, claiming a business name etc.Many startups ignore these basic prerequisites and end up in trademark disputes and tax problems. Depending on the level of control you want to have on your business and other financial considerations, you can select the right legal configuration. For example, initially you can register your business as a sole proprietorship. In time if your business expands and your personal liability risk goes up, you can then change your business to an LLC.

Selecting the IPTV service provider

Once you have worked on the basics, you now need to select the service provider.

To begin with, you need a reliable service provider. Once you select a service provider, it becomes virtually impossible to change the provider in the middle. Therefore you should check out for

  • The reliability of streams you are getting from your service
  • Because we live in a multi cultural society, whether or not channels from different countries are available or not.
  • Intuitive Programme guide
  • Compatibility of the services on various devices iOS/Android.
  • The quality of VOD and live streaming with functionalities like rewind, forward etc.

MyWifi TV reseller programme include all of the above features and much more and therefore is a leading choice for resellers.

Even service providers are constantly on the lookout for resellers to help them expand their operations.

Know the IPTV business inside out

Since you have decided to get into IPTV reselling business, the first and foremost thing you must do is understand the nuances and subtleties of this business. A well informed businessman has always the greater chance to survive in the market. In doing so,you might have to learn new skills. Your service provider might also help you by providing support. Also, since you are going to use it more often, become familiar with the provider’s marketing support tools.

Learn to be a good salesman

To be very honest, most of the background technical work will be taken care of by your service provider. You just need to market your services. Your goal should be to have as many subscribers as possible. This you can achieve by various sales methods like opening a sales office, pamphlet distribution, newspaper promotion etc. , using social media platforms, Google adwords etc. You need to market your services like no one does in order to stand out.

Be prepared for Post sales support

Once you start getting subscribers, you should be prepared to provide top notch support to them. You wouldn’t want an unhappy customer. Yes, you can minimize the quantity of support just by selecting a quality service provider, for example MyWifi TV, but you should have your support infrastructure ready.
These were some of the important points you should consider before kickstarting your IPTV reselling business. Do you have other suggestions? Let us know.