This review of fuboTV is meant to acquaint the reader with all the important information about the service including price, features etc. fuboTV is one of the best way to watch international football-soccer online. It does offer regular and popular entertainment channels as well but fuboTV specializes in sports programming.  You’ll get notable sports channels like beIN SPORTS, NBCSN, ESPN Deportes, FS1, FS2, and Fox Deportes.

fuboTV plans and pricing

Plans Price Channels  
fubo Premier $34.99/mo. 62+  
fubo Latino $14.99/mo. 13+  
fubo Português $19.99/mo. 6+  

*Price and channel inclusion vary according to location.

Recently, fuboTV has changed the Premier package price to $19.99 for two months before reverting to the $34.99 price after.

If you’re after high channel counts , you can get better deals in the market.  But if you want these specific sports channels, fuboTV is the better option. Moreover, fubo makes it easy to watch lesser-viewed events that don’t always get covered by bigger networks like ESPN.fuboTV’s price of $34.99 is warranted given the focused sports programming, especially for lesser-viewed events .If Central and South American or Latin sports aren’t your thing, it’s better and cheaper to go with either Sling TV or DIRECTV NOW.

 fuboTV viewing experience

Programming is listed by date, and it shows how many events are contained in the date. It also lists event type, whether the event has started, the teams playing or what tournament it’s part of, and what channel it’s being broadcast on. You can either tune into the channel or set up a DVR recording.

fuboTV’s interface makes it really easy to find your sporting event quickly. You can set a DVR recording or watch live directly from this menu.

The home screen highlights main events and provides a countdown to the live sports event in days/hours/minutes/seconds. You can also watch live matches and your DVR recordings simultaneously.

With some channels, a playback timeline (play/pause/rewind) is provided so you can catch up from the beginning or jump back to live.

 fuboTV DVR?

DVR service is automatically free with fuboTV—unlike Sling TV, which costs $5 extra per month. With the fuboTV DVR, you automatically get 30 hours of programming and save it for an unlimited amount of time.  You can add the Advanced DVR for an extra $10 per month, which expands your storage to 500 hours.

When you record a program, even retroactively, you’ll have it from beginning to end every time, which is realllly nice for those of us who forget time exists. fubo’s DVR is less of a “record” function and more of a “request” function. What this means is you don’t have to worry about starting your recording halfway through and missing the beginning of a match.

Anytime you have the DVR option available, simply click and it will automatically schedule the program. There’s no need to set times either

Some issues

The interface is a little too minimal in some regards.Also, watching live TV doesn’t always give you a playback timeline; that means you won’t always be able to back up and replay a section without having a recorded version or without waiting ‘til the event is complete.

Hovering over the timeline doesn’t give you a preview thumbnail picture (like Netflix) and interface doesn’t have a decent replay function built in.

What’s annoying using the fuboTV app on a mobile device is how long the menu screens and pause/play button stay up after touching.

When it comes to captions, they take up too much of the middle of the screen, making it hard to tell what’s going on in the match. Therefore it isn’t that great a help for people with hearing disabilities.

Compatible devices

Can be watched on any device: iOS, Android, Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, and Chromecast


fuboTV is one of the best way to watch international football-soccer online. It does offer regular and popular entertainment channels as well but fuboTV specializes in sports programming . Also, it provides the one of the best, and least-expensive way to watch international soccer. We recommend fuboTV primarily for fans of soccer who want Digital Video Recording (DVR) service.